Friday, February 6, 2009

My Brooch Collection

These are some of my brooch collection
(I personally design and made it)

More will come soon..

Set A: RM30

Brooch 1: RM25

Brooch 2: RM25

Brooch 3: RM20

Brooch 4: RM20

Brooch 5: RM25

Brooch 6: RM15

Brooch 7: RM15

Brooch 8: RM15

Brooch 9: RM15

Brooch 10: RM15

Brooch 11: RM15


charmchantek said...

zaza. i took pix from ere tau (brooch etc)

nk tgk items yg ktrg akan jual nnt --

beadmaster said...

ok sure..:)