Friday, October 10, 2008

Fadya and Areehan's Wedding

Fadya is Azyan's friend. After seeing the works on Azyan's wedding dress, she had contacted me through Azyan (through Friendster too) in discussing the possible potentials in making-up her wedding attire. So for this white wedding dress, i helped her in designing and adding a little bit colour on her tudung and veil.
this white plain tudung was embellished with white patch laces along with colourful beads. the idea is to add zest to all plain boring white. the veil was adorned with scattering diamantes.

i love white patch laces. usually it would stand out on most fabrics. so here, with the dress being light pink, the whites of the laces and beads had enhanced the whole dress. it's a little bit heavy, but nevertheless having the patches a bit here and there had lessened the heavy look.


Anonymous said...

cantiknye zaza...i'm thinking of beading my old baju kurung for which i used only once during my older sister's akad nikah. Let me alter it first then i'll pass to u yea!!

danadanish said...

owh..wat a small world..i always adore this dress worn by the sweet bride when i first saw it at,u r the talented felow behind the super gorgeous details!!!i heart ur work!!!